Monday, 29 October 2018

Neither Creepy Nor Cooky

I've been loving getting back into photography again and having seen a studio day advertised at Candy Heart in Falkirk with a Sexy Wednesday Addams Halloween theme i couldn't resist it.

The original model seemed to flake so Dorinka was brought in a fairly last minute but i'm actually happier that she was as i think she suits the look to a T.

I'm happy with the B&W on this as well for the first time in a while, i think it really suits the look, but the colour splash on the background displays look great and add real depth to the images for me.

More below from this shoot and I will definitely be back at Candy Heart and working with Dorinka in the future.





Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Vanessa Trying to Become Charliez Angel

So when i mentioned to my mate Jon Robert that i wanted to shoot some tattooed models he set me up with a test shoot with Vanessa as a test shoot for her and the Charliez Angels Scottish Squad which Jon sorts and deals with.

Vanessa is a brilliant model to work with, fun, easy to deal with and great at posing, yet takes direction well and i'm absolutely over the moon with a great selection of images from this shoot.

have a look at the images and please let me know what you think and i really do hope i get to work with Vanessa again.

A mix of images shot on the canon and some using the olympus and the SLR magic again.










When Miss Sassy Su Gets Down To It

Another pretty last minute shoot with Miss Sassy Su, i really need to get more oganised for stuff with Saskia but to be fair we always get images i like so i'm quite happy with the last minute-ness of these shoots.

The plan this time was to shoot some classy boudoir inspired lingerie style shots and Ally ended up being at the studio so assisted with the fine art style lighting of this (it's good to have someone there to pop the lights into the right direction for you)

Really happy this set of images, lots of lovely classy images, and lots more still to go through.

Look out for more from this set in the future.




Sunday, 9 September 2018

Kat at the Pier

I posted a last minute casting yesterday and got a few responses, but first on the list was Kat T, so we arranged to meet this morning for a shoot, with a mood board between us giving some suggestions.

Our initial plan of using Linlithgow Loch as a backdrop was killed off by the Pedal for Scotland event causing havoc with the roads so a quick move along to underneath the Forth Bridge (yup the one Everyone calls the Forth Rail Bridge) was undertaken.

The weather turned for us, with the rain stopping and the sun shining just as Kat arrived, and it began again just as we were heading back to the cars.

This was an entirely digital shoot, with a mix of my Canon kit and the Olympus Pen with the SLR magic Toy lens for some added interest on some of the shots.

Kat is a natural beauty and great fun to work with, and I'm already looking forward to working with her again in the future.




Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Parklife with Chloe

The second set of images from this second shoot with Chloe Bella Armstrong, this lot the ones from the digital cameras, a mix of my Canon and the Olympus (with the SLR magic Toy Lens).

Some of these images i totally have to say are some of the best work i've ever done, i'm utterly in love with them.

some of the Lensbaby and SLR Magic shots are a bit soft, i really need to look more into the focusing, or buy a VF2 for the Olympus to help me with the focusing, and i'm very temped by the new Lensbaby SOL45 for a much sharper element.

That said the main image here was shot on the Lensbaby Original and i just love it.