Sunday, 16 October 2016

Not so Gray Room

It's been way too long since i was in the studio doing anything with a camera so when John Gray from The Gray Room posted about his Fashion Workshop it was exactly the opportunity i needed to get back out there with the camera.

Working with Joanne and doing some natural light, high key and low key images it was a great day out, with great company and a brilliant model.

The low key images i'm not so keen on, they don't flatter the model as much and i'm nowhere near as happy with them as i am with the images here, but I have sent them on to Joanne who can look through them herself.

I'm really happy to have been back out shooting though and need to be doing this again soon.


Friday, 18 March 2016

Some Irish Hospitality

Due to my other blog over at Toms Whisky Reviews I was lucky enough to have spent the last 4 days over in Dublin celebrating St Patricks (or St Paddy's - never St Patty's) Day with the amazing guys and girls from Jameson's Irish Whiskey.

What you see here are a selection of the photographs I've taken over the last few days featuring mainly whisky and food, and yet again i'm beginning to get my groove back and feel much more like Photography is still a part of me.

I definitely still need to do more to get fully back in the groove but it's getting there.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Spanish Connection

My amazing work colleague Esther, pictured, whilst also working has been studying a fashion and textiles course and created these wonderful items (the skirt and top) as pictured in this post.

She recently asked if i would help her out by taking some images of her with the clothes to showcase them.

it really did feel like an age since my last proper shoot and i did feel rusty and out of practice but this was great fun.

Thanks to Esther for asking and for being a great model out in the freezing cold and to Emy for doing Esther's hair and makeup for the shoot.

Glassware Bonanza

So when you're in the house and a little bit bored is there anything better to do than to take the camera out, pour some whisky and photograph the ensuing scenes?

Thats what happened recently when i wanted to play about a bit with a few of the drams and glasses in the house trying to get some nice new images for my whisky instagram account.

All taken with natural window lighting and mostly at f2.8 to throw as much depth of field into the equation as i could.

The whisky didn't survive this expedition, and will be replaced by more from another bottle of two soon.

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Another from a while back, this lot shot in 2015 of my very very good friend David's BMW 7 series.

It had been a while since i'd been out with the camera kit and i really enjoyed getting back on the horse(power) so to speak.

Not really sure if Car Photography is the kind of thing i really enjoy all that much but this was a fun time having good banter with my mate and getting a few nice shots of the car.

Might need to go and do a bit more of this sort of thing for fun,

Helensburgh Calling

Another blast from the past this was a small group shoot in Helensburgh, with Adam and Bruce, with the fabulous Francesca and Sarah (left) doing some modeling.

Some images here that i'm seriously happy with and again another reminded that i really need to be getting back out there and doing photography stuff more.

Adam, Bruce and I are in talks over another photoshoot which would be amazing, so look out for that happening.

Monday, 8 February 2016

A View From Darnleys

It's been a while since i actively went out with the camera, so when an opportunity arose for me to get out and doing some Cocktail Photography with Darnleys View Gin I jumped at the chance.

All of these shots use natural light, from the lovely big window at The West Room at the West End in Edinburgh, with a reflector putting some light back into one or two of the areas.

Lots of lovely cocktails and some interesting backgrounds here, and although these may or may not be the ones that Darnleys view would like to use I have picked these as my selection of favourites.

I can't remember the names of all the cocktails but The Honey Bee, A French 75 and a G & G were three of the names i remember.

(Please note these images are unedited, they are simply Jpegs straight from the camera, resized and a quick unsharp mask before being saved in web size)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Back to the Future Part 3

This might not be correct chronologically but this is the 2nd last model photoshoot i done until today, this one dating to January 2014 and a very very very cold South Queensferry.

Lulu was an absolute star and so easy to photograph, looking at these images i'm both happy and sad as i love the images, some of them i love a lot and sad as I really should be doing much more of this, it's been far far too long since i did anything as fun as this.

the decision for 2016 is to do photoshoots much more as i wasted a full year and didnt get any done in 2015 and i dont want to waste any more time.