Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Chloe Edits Part 2

This is the second load of edits from this shoot with Chloe Bella Armstrong, and i just can't believe how many quality edits that i'm happy with that have come from this shoot, it's astounding just how many.

That doesn't happen often, it tends to only be with a model that knows what they are doing and that the camera loves, and the camera certainly loves Chloe.

I'm not editing some just because of some very minor things that a quick edit would fix, just because the rest are so much better than i had wanted.

Over the moon and Mojo well and truly back.

Next shoot with Chloe - already booked in.






Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Chloe brings the Mojo Back

So from the post below you will see that i spent a bit of time on Sunday with the amazing Chloe, and finally i feel like i'm back on track, back to the basics of what i love doing with photography and back to some techniques and kit that I've not used in a long time.

These were all shot one the Canon digital kit with a mix of my Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 lens and the Lensbaby Original. Both were set to around f5.6 (the lensbaby is definitely around that as it's not super accurate) and the plan was to go for lots of negative space, clean backgrounds, fairly monotone in terms out outfit choices and then throwing in a large dose of sass, fun and jumping around.

I've absolutely over the moon with how these have turned out, working with Chloe is an absolute dream as the camera absolutely loves her and she needs very little to no direction (simply - can you repeat that again was about the most of it.

Happy to hear your thoughts.





Monday, 30 July 2018

Chloe in an Instant

This will be the first in a couple of posts from this shoot, split between analogue instant photography and digital.

This first lot, of the amazing Chloe Bella Armstrong, were all shot using instant photography, whether Polaroid (mostly) or Instax (one of them) and i love the look and feel of them.

The polaroids, shot on Impossible Project - Now Polaroid Original, used Colour 600 film using a Polaroid Onestep Flash that i purchased over 20 years ago. i love the look and feel of these, the skin tones are outstanding and they have a real etherial feel, plus theres that hint of light leak and imperfection that i love from Polaroid, i just wish it was a little cheaper.

The instax, done only as John felt guilty at getting the book in the way of the lens when trying to catch the polaroid in the book to keep it as dark as possible, is the Square format and shot on a Lomo Instant Square Pigalle, and i like the clean look to them but they tend to lack a little something, maybe too clean, plus are a little too yellow on the skin tones.

These were all flatbed scanned on an Epson Perfection V330 and have only had a quick dust/scratch removal applied.

Have a look and let me know what you think (the last shot is the Instax).

Friday, 6 July 2018

I Like Pina ColAda's

I finally got round to another shoot and had this fun couple of hours with Ada around a few locations in Livingston.

I used a mix of the 28-70 f2.8 and my lensbaby, and i love a lot of the effects from these but i do think i need to stop going so low down in the F numbers, having Bokeh is good but its not always necessary.

I've had a chat with a few friends and keep needing to remind myself to look back at some of my early work and have another go at some of those techniques.

Back on the horse though, as they say, with more to come.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Portrait Project - Update

This Portrait Project that i'm beginning, ive spent a bit of time looking and playing with images to get the ones i really want.

I originally went B&W for this image here at part 2, but i've since decided to reshoot part 1 as i'm not sure it fits with the style i want, and have re-editted the shot from part 2 to get this lovely toning.

i'm definitely going to look at cleaner backgrounds, more interesting layers and lighting and in general just a more mature, grungy and interesting look and feel to the images.

I have a few people in mind for specific images and i hope to eventually get to around the 8-12 images in this to use in a specific series/exhibition

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Legs Eleven

When Jen and i had our recent shoot i persuaded her to do some images which i might use as part of a project on whisky.

These images don't fit in with the images I done with Scott but i do like them and will probably do this as a second series of images, with the purpose being to show the sexy side and diversity of whisky drinkers throughout gender and age.

If you see this and fancy being one of my leg models, please let me know, there will be a dram or two in it for you.

I think i prefer the almost tartan background for this, but both work in the way i wanted.

Polaroid isn't Impossible

I mentioned in this post that i was looking at doing some work with polaroid and my kids have had the arduous task of being at the glass end of the camera for this.

All of these were taken on my polaroid 600 Onestep Flash bought in 1997, with the B&W ones using Impossible 600 B&W film and the colour one here using Impossible 600 Colour film.

I love the tonality and softness to these, which have all been scanned using an Epson V330 Perfection, and the green/teal hint through the colour film is really atmospheric.

I love the light leaking around the bottom holding edge of these also, just so much more atmosphere than on digital images.

Expect to see more image with Colour Polaroid soon.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Jenny comes to help

It's been a fair amount of time since i enjoyed a shoot as much as i did this one with Jenny.

The last model work i done was at John Grays studio with Joanne back in October so getting this done was a great experience, Jenny is a consummate professional and great fun to work with also.

Despite using a couple of lenses, all the images i've selected here are from the Lensbaby Original and not the 28-70 f2.8. i just love the softness, of even the sharp bits, and the whole ghosting feel of it.

This was great fun and has definitely got me back wanting to do more, although i have really specific ideas of what i'd like to do.

The lensbaby... that will definitely make a return.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Portrait Project - Part 2

The second image of my Portrait Project that I've been wanting to do for a while now, with Whisky and people involved in this.

We kept a nice traditional look with Scott and after seeing him push it to Black and White I loved the feel of it and thought it would work really well in there.

Thanks to Scott for posing and helping with this one, being a photographer also it helps with his knowledge of what he would like as his image also.

I've got a long way to go on this project and will be welcoming any other friends or family who want to get involved or help out.

Some of the other shots are below. I've also started a new Instagram at This Link which will only feature my portrait work, past and present.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Portrait Project - Part 1

The first of my Portrait Project that I've been wanting to do for a while now, I have a lot of inspiration style images but will be doing more just fun, fluid ones like this.

I went for a few different styles with Richard, doing a couple of Polaroids, as well as digital images but the one selected is just that bit better digital and it helps that Richard got slightly distracted so his expression is very natural.

I've got a long way to go on this project and will be welcoming any friends or family who want to get involved or help out.

Some of the other shots are below. I've also started a new Instagram at This Link which will only feature my portrait work, past and present.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Testing Testing 1-2-3

It's been ages since i've done any real photography work and i'd been tempted to get back into things after doing some bottle photography at work.

whilst hunting through my camera collection at home i came across a couple of my old Polaroud cameras, a 600 OneStep Flash and an SX-70. Having a look at the local Jessops (closest supplier) they had some 600 B&W from Impossible Project so i thought i'd grab one and give it a try.

This shot of Rose St in Edinburgh, which any camera would struggle with the exposure with one side in bright sunshine and the other in shade, is one i'm actually pretty chuffed with.

More to come on this.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Not so Gray Room

It's been way too long since i was in the studio doing anything with a camera so when John Gray from The Gray Room posted about his Fashion Workshop it was exactly the opportunity i needed to get back out there with the camera.

Working with Joanne and doing some natural light, high key and low key images it was a great day out, with great company and a brilliant model.

The low key images i'm not so keen on, they don't flatter the model as much and i'm nowhere near as happy with them as i am with the images here, but I have sent them on to Joanne who can look through them herself.

I'm really happy to have been back out shooting though and need to be doing this again soon.