Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Michelle Helps at My Last Visit to Gray Room

this is likely to be my last visit to the Gray Room as I've got a busy month in January with normal life stuff happening and a holiday and with the Gray room closing for good when John hands back his keys on the 31st January this shoot with Michelle B is likely to be the last time i'll shoot there.

Michelle, who normally has quite an edgy gothic look came along and i was pushing her in a different direction wanting more of a fashion edge to the style we would be working on.

The lovely Emma was along also for some Make-Up duties and i'm pretty happy with how these have turned out. I was also looking to concentrate more on B&W as i don't really do enough of it.



Friday, 28 December 2018

Robyn at The Gray Room

it wont be long until The Gray Room is closed for good as John hand back the keys on the 31st January, so i had to make as much use of it at the moment whilst i still could.

This was meant to be a much bigger shoot but circumstances change all the time and meant it was only Robyn and myself, but i'm certainly not complaining about that.

A great day working with a beautiful model in gorgeous light at this big wide open space.

A mix of instax and digital shots below this was great fun and i'd love to do more with Robyn in the future.










Friday, 7 December 2018

More Christmas Fashion

unlike the Instax shots below these were all shot on my normal digital set up, i've still been under the weather since this so haven't done a huge amount of editing, but this small bundle i was happy with.

I'm still unsure if group shoots in this way are the right thing for me, in fact i'm pretty sure that they really aren't for me, but if there are opportunities to do interesting things like this then i'll probably still do some of them.

I don't think it helped i was under the weather but definitely some others were also a little oblivious to the time they were taking up shooting.

Still .... got some nice images.


Christmas Fashion in an Instant

A group shoot at Synergy doing Christmas Fashion with Ziggy and Belle Eve, yeah i wasn't going to knock back opportunity at all.

I woke up on the morning of this with a stinker of a cold and really could have done with being in my bed and it's not got much better since, but the opportunity to work with both of these lovely models was too much for me to resist.

This first set of instant shots, on instax wide and shot using the Fuji Instax Wide 300 camera was scanned, as usual, on my Epson V330 Perfection, with just a basic dust and speckle reduction and basic unsharp mask filter applied.

Some really nice ones in this set.





Monday, 29 October 2018

Neither Creepy Nor Cooky

I've been loving getting back into photography again and having seen a studio day advertised at Candy Heart in Falkirk with a Sexy Wednesday Addams Halloween theme i couldn't resist it.

The original model seemed to flake so Dorinka was brought in a fairly last minute but i'm actually happier that she was as i think she suits the look to a T.

I'm happy with the B&W on this as well for the first time in a while, i think it really suits the look, but the colour splash on the background displays look great and add real depth to the images for me.

More below from this shoot and I will definitely be back at Candy Heart and working with Dorinka in the future.





Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Vanessa Trying to Become Charliez Angel

So when i mentioned to my mate Jon Robert that i wanted to shoot some tattooed models he set me up with a test shoot with Vanessa as a test shoot for her and the Charliez Angels Scottish Squad which Jon sorts and deals with.

Vanessa is a brilliant model to work with, fun, easy to deal with and great at posing, yet takes direction well and i'm absolutely over the moon with a great selection of images from this shoot.

have a look at the images and please let me know what you think and i really do hope i get to work with Vanessa again.

A mix of images shot on the canon and some using the olympus and the SLR magic again.