Sunday, 9 December 2007

Nikki Makes my Week

Well i really enjoyed the opportunity to have a quick shoot with Nikki. I'm still not as mobile as i'd like to be but was able to get the shots i wanted without too much farting about.

We nicked up to West Calder and had a wee Sneaky run about the building using my favourite window in the Fire Exit, think i must have used it a fair number of times now.

Will be working again with Nikki in the Future, she's a very nice lass with a good future ahead of her in this game is she sticks in at it and avoids some of the dodgier photographers out there.

All going well and if we can find the right bits we'll be doing a fantastic Festive themed shoot before Christmas which will be a real treat for everyone.

Can't wait til the next time.

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