Friday, 11 April 2008

Jill Mulreany

First in my "catch up on the past" feature is Jill Mulreany. I shot Jill along with Alex in December 2006, the studio was a temporary studio setup in the nightclub a Livingston, Almondvale Stadium.

Make Up (and bubble blowing) was performed by the fantastic Siananigans

Jill is a fantastic model and it's no surprise that she worked as a model for good number of years. Her presence in the studio is fantastic, she poses, moves and gives ideas without the need for any Photographer direction which is great, too many models nowadays are still as still as cardboard.

I've been chatting to Jill again recently as she's now recovered from a bad back, and we're looking at the possibilty of some shoots in the not too distant future.

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