Tuesday, 16 September 2008

An Interesting Grave

College is going great and really testing me... the underwater stuff is coming along nicely, the macro make-up stuff is all good and I have a meeting on Monday that will hopefully help with my photomicroscopy.

The Environment modeule was causing me a little dificulty but I've decided to go with places of rest, cemetries and crematoriums, so I'm much happier with that now.

I've been out dong some testing at the Kirk of Shotts shooting the 2 images here. They were both shot digitally in black and white using lens filters, the main image with a red filter and the image below with a yellow filter.

I much prefer the gothic look of the red filter and it's likely i will stick with a red filtered black and white image for this.

More to come on this over the coming weeks....

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