Saturday, 20 September 2008

Places of Rest

This lots adds to the work i done previously on the Kirk of Shots for my Environment project at college.

I had a wander round some places with bruce today and got some nice images that do what i'm looking for!

This lot are all from the Digital camera but i have done some on the Film SLR and Kodak Cresta Brownie also.

The first location is Holmsford Bridge Crematorium in Ayrshire.

This next location is a cemetery in Prestwick, just next to the airport called Monkton and Prestwick Cemetery.

It's quite a nice place, considering, and there's lot of open space in and around it.

We did find the big statue a bit funny but other than that it looks cool.

This last location is the Woodland Cemetery at Craufurdland Woods.

It's a really remote place and not my idea of the place to go when i die but i can see the appeal some find from it.

I've stuck with this image, but have a few others that are better, just maybe a bit too personal to post on the web though as still feature flower arrangements with names etc.

Overall a productive day.

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