Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Free Port

So i'm still working on my college Environment work and have decided, after numerous changes of heart, to go with the route of one natural image and one man made, or man destroyed, landscape.

I have a few that I have already and will be adding one of these images, probably the one on the top.

It was taken at Freeport Shopping Centre, or what it used to be anyway, it's now simply a small village of empty shops left to the elements.

I had permission from the owners to do these images and the security guards at the site were top class.

The images were all shot with a Tungsten white balance deliberately to give them a cold, desolate feel. the natural landscape images i will be using will all use warm tones and colours to give them a feel of warmth and security.

The shots below were all shot with either the 18-55 or 50mm lenses, the one at the top of this post, which is my current favourite, was shot with the lensbaby original.

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