Saturday, 15 November 2008

A long wait for ...

Sometimes you go on a shoot with a specific idea in mind and come home grinning from ear to ear having got 'the' shot in the bag. Other times you spend hours out there and it's just not going to work at all.

Today was one of the bad days, the idea i had in mind was to climb up Binny craig and get some shots with the sunset looking out towards the forth bridges. The light however was awful, lighting only the clouds above and the land in fife.

So Scott ( blog here ) and I trudged, and slid, our way back down and whilst Scott was amusing himself with some pictures of trees I looked at doing some more of my favoured silhouette type shots.

I then turned to notice that Scott was silhoutted against the background and got him to move a little away from the trees and got the shot above.

A little tweak to the levels and an unsharp mask really have brought it out and i'm looking forward to seeing it as Scotts new logo.

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