Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Well Oiled Place

I love how sometimes the best places in the world just come up at random.

Scott and I were nattering at college today with Scott McKillop who was showing us his images from this location and we both went "Oh Cool" and decided we must take a wander out there.

Well it was early on and we're both pretty well on with stuff so we went out today over lunch and had a wander around.

I'm pretty sure this is the old BP place, in Pumpherston but it was awesome and lots of other ideas for this place, that i can use again very soon.

******Updated, this place is actually the old brickworks and a pretty cool place*******

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db-images said...

They used to have an old, water-cooling tower on the site. It was made of wood and it stank of pidgeon poo but it would have made an excellent location. The water was pumped to the top and then allowed to drip down through a mesh of beeams until it cooled and was pumped back out at the bottom again. Literally ... a very cool place.