Tuesday, 23 December 2008

3-6-5 Life in 2009

The last few years have taught me many things, I have learned a lot from the model work I've done, which I thouroghly enjoyed, and the sports and music stuff I used to do.

Having started college in September I have been diversifying the work I do to get away from my comfort zone and produce work that is different and encapsulating. I have loved my college course and in fact I'm currently considering a possible 2 more years at college with my current plan being to do a HND then a PDA (advanced diploma).

My plans after that...well who knows... I'm not against the possibility of some Lecturing in the future although I would love to do some corporate type work, I like the idea of shooting environmental portraiture as well but who knows.

I have however taken the decision that doing model work is fine and dandy but it's getting me nowhere so other than the occasional group shoot, some work if I'm being paid lots of money or favours for some close friends I will no longer be shooting any model work.

My intention in the future is concentrate on some environmental portraiture, do some sports stuff again and maybe even some bands, and events work.

To that end over 2009 I will be doing a 365 project, that is I intend to shoot, and post here, at least one image every day of 2009, this may be a pic of the kids, of the wife, of the dog, of friends, of trees, of whatever but I will by 31st December 2009 have 365 posts on this.

I hope you enjoy any work I post and as always look forward to your comments.

In the meantime, if you're in a band, are a singer, politician, a sportsperson or have a really cool job that would suit an environmental portrait then please just drop me a line to tom.thomson@ifotou.co.uk

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Simon said...

Is this where the insomniacs hang out?
I think that this is a fascinating project with so much potential scope and diversity, I look forward to watching it evolve.