Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Blogs of Note

It would seem that there are a good number of people out there with blogs now, so i think it's about time to fire out here a note of some of the blogs i follow...

My Good Friend Duncan

My College Mates and Lecturers...

Scott Walker
Scott McKillop
Keith Brame
Neil Sinclair

UKPM Friends...

Adam Matheson
Billie Lister
Bruce McGuiness and his 365
Fairie Emma
John Baikie
Keith Morrell
Les Johnstone
Sian Lidgate
Simon Pole

Cool stuff ...

Jake Garn
Josef Hoflehner
Matt Fryer


Matt said...

Cheers for the link mate, feel real honoured to in the "cool stuff" section along with with some other pretty mind blowing toggers. Thanks.

ifotou said...

you're very welcome Matt, your work is awesome.