Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Demure at the Oscars

i had the supreme pleasure of working with Lauren (Lacey Demure) today on a last minute shoot as Lauren had a loan of this stunning Oscars style dress.

We went over the brickworks in pumpherston which i knew would be a grand place to be and were accompanied by Keith as VAL and sandbag (he ended up holding the lightstands in place).

I'm really quite happy with this series of shots, which were all done with off camera flash and the dress shapes were completed by using fast shutter speeds and having Lauren flick and move her dress about.

Still not 100% on which one is my favourite :)


Ian said...

Really cool shots tom. I can see how it's hard to pick a fave. I'd have to say numbers 2 and 3 (framed by the entrance and the wider shot) are my faves.

I like the way she's separated from the bg in the third one as the bright lines on the floor don't interfere with the dress so much.

Cool location, I'll have to take a look :)

KiteOgraphy said...

hey Tom... I can't pick a favourite, they're all very strong.

Loving your work!