Monday, 2 March 2009

Glam'ing It Up

Couple of weeks ago i had the utter pleasure of working, yet again, with the stunning Miss Charlie McInally.

The plan was to shoot more glamoury work which i feel is a weak point for me, and i feel these have worked really well.

There's probably still a huge bit element of fashiony work in here but then again who knows.

All i know is that i had a great day.


Bruce said...

Love the one with Charlie sitting up on the back of the settee.

Ian said...

Nice set of images guys. That fence is working well for you :)
My fave is probably the last one where you can see some of the curtains in the background.

ifotou said...

thanks guys :)

Cosmic Orange said...

Great pictures, I always like glamour with these rich or dark bacgrounds.