Saturday, 18 April 2009

Arrival of Cat

Today was a good day, Scott and Bruce and I had the utter pleasure of a shoot with Catriona Rennie and what a superstar she is.

She put up with all of our fussing about and silly and unusual ideas, especially things like my completely odd lighting with blue lights.

The shots here are my first run through, i'm really happy with how they look.

I will be adding more info on how the "mars" shot below was done to TnM later once i have the set-up shot from Bruce.

Would love to work with Cat again soon.


Ian said...

Three great images Tom. Love the edge lighting on the first one on her arms and her 'pose/look' on the third one is great. Great model and lighting :)

Nathan Hulse said...

I do like your mars image. Even though I don't think of mars, it looks like its taken with that late golden glow of the sun.