Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Well finally it's done, my graded unit for college was handed in at the end of last week and is off to the examiners.

I've kind of neglected this blog for a while so thought it would be an idea to add in all the shots from this series in one post here, even if they are all available over on my large format blog.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in heloping me out by posing, or holding lights.

Debbie (the nice colour shot here) is shot 10 in the series.

Shots 1 (Duncan) and 2 (Ross)

Shots 3 (Alex) and 4 (Keith M)

Shots 5 (Paul) and 6(Bruce)

Shots 7 (Charlie) and 8 (Lisa)

Shot 9 (Nicola) and 10, at the start of the post also (Debbie)

Shots 11 (Ross) and 12 (Scott W)

Shots 13 (Anna) and 14 (caron)

Shots 15 (Kyle) and 16 (Scott Mc)

Shots 17 (Lynn) and 18 (Keith B)

Shots 19 (Neil) and 20 (me)

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