Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beach Bum

It feels like forever since my last shoot with Sam but we finally managed to get out for another shoot tonight.

I've got a bundle of images to get through editing from this shoot but i'm way to tired and need to go to bed soon so will work on them tomorrow.

This particular shot has a shoot through brolly from camera left and the bare flash visible in the frame.

A bit of PS this time, to remove the lighting stand from under the flare and then i've used the super fun happy action from the totally rad actions pack.

More shots to come tomorrow :)


Cosmic Orange said...

Looks like a top quality fashion shot. Great balance of light! lots of impact.

Tom Thomson said...

Cheers Les much appreciated

Ian said...

Such a cool shot Tom. I didn't realise it was a flash until I read the description. I was trying to figure out how you got the sun to look like that lol.
Nice PP work too!

Tom Thomson said...

Cheers Ian, much appreciated :)