Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sweden 2009

This little trip had been planned for a good few months and the initial costs (Ryanair flights for £1 each way and hotel for under £40 for 2 nights B&B) meant the travel and accomodation were really good.

Once we arrived the costs of everything else were much more than we expected, we knew the cost of a pint was expensive (around £6) but to pay £16 for a burger and chips wasn't what we expected.

It was however a great trip with some very cold, but mostly dry weather.

We stayed at the hotel in Skavsta but travelled to Stockholm and Nykoping for some trips away. Both of them being miles apart when it comes to the look and feel with Nykoping more of a traditional Swedish town and Stockholm could really be any major city in the world.

In Stockholm the number of bikes was unbelievable, don't think i've ever seen so many before... and they were pretty much all left unsecured which we found quite amazing.

A good time was had by all and I've attached some of the pics I really liked from the trip.

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Ian said...

Nice shots Tom, love the ivy covered church window the best! So, how many bikes did you come back with then? ;P