Thursday, 4 February 2010

Testing Testing 123

I've been looking for something to inspire me back into doing more shooting as to be 100% honest i've felt a bit yukky towards photography recently, which isn't a good thing.

So to get myself inspired again i've booked in a few models for some work in the coming weeks, partly for fashion at college and partly just to get myself back into the swing of photography for fun.

I realised that 2009 was a dramatic downturn in the number of shoots i did for me, so 2010 will be back up there with lots and lots to come.

Today though i did some testing, with Kyle as my model, for a project i have in mind for the guys at Livingston Pipe Band, which if it all goes well will look pretty damn cool.

I remembered seeing a shoot by Haristobald Photography a while back and used some of what he'd done as inspiration for this test.

Lighting on this is pretty simple, stand kyle in the garden at 4 in the afternoon, pop a softbox at either side of him on full and use a small aperture and high shutter speed to get the very dark surroundings. I've made it darker in post, as i wasn't getting enough light from the softboxes, so next time i'll remove a layer of diffusion to see if that helps.

I think this might well be something that gets me inspired again... at last.

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