Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bright Sparks

First of all Please Note these are mock-ups and not real magazine features. I'll talk about them shortly.

Before i go on... HUGE thanks to Ian Monk for the new Logo (shown above) and the patience as we tried to get it the way i wanted it. I think it looks great, but happy to hear your views as always.

Right onto the pics.... Thanks to Nicole Findlay for modelling, Nicole and i have worked together a few times now and it always turns into a giggle and this was no exception.

My original plan, for these shots which are for my first fashion assignment, was to shoot them at South Queensferry at the same location i shot Emily last month. But it was absolutely freezing so Nicole, Scott (who was assisting me) and myself dropped over to my sisters small holding and used the walls and doors of the barn to get these shots.

We were doing some pretty cool 'nice' shots then Nicole had a bit of a stumble in her heels and i loved the shot so we went for a more fun look and i think they look great.

The mock-ups are just that -and should not be copied or used anywhere else please.. .these are simply for a college assignment.


Cosmic Orange said...

Love the shots - full of fun and energy. Not sure the "Bright Sparks" stands out enough against the white wall? I likethe new Logo, very up to date and professional looking.

Ian said...

ooo nice layouts, these look great. Good re the stumble too because, as les says, these have a lot of energy about them which suits the colours in the clothes. The backgrounds really work too, love the wooden one!

Tom Thomson said...

Thanks Guys :)

The bright sparks bit is pre-made up so i didn't want to alter it's colour - will be chatting to my lecturer today though so might do it after that.

Ian - sometimes the strangest locatiosn just WORK :)