Thursday, 1 April 2010

Allo(y) Allo(y)

Today was another of those really interesting, but hugely busy days in the life of a photographer.

Firstly i had a good old natter with a company i'm looking to do some work for, then i had a short shoot for Ireland Alloys for a feature article to appear in a future issue of Enterprising Scotland.

Ireland Alloys are a fantastic company who are using new technology and environmentally friendly techniques to renew old metals. They wanted images which reflected the fact the company is modern, green and not just about chunks of metal. After a good look around we settled on the lab as the best place to do the shots and Paul was volunteered to be the model.

I think it works well for what the company were looking for and the guys thought so too.

For those looking for technicals, the shot was at f2.8 (using an ND4 filter to get there) with softbox camera right and snooted bare flashgun camera left fired into the liquids nickels.

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Ian said...

Looks really good!

If you want to add the link to the Ent Scot website it's

And if this article goes online make sure they link back to your blog. I'll mention it to them too :)