Monday, 10 May 2010

All Rigged Out

The last couple of weeks i've spent wondering exactly what i'm going to be doing in life and as i'm still not sure i've decided to look at trying a few different things.

One thing that always has attracted my attention has been car photography so after a bit of research i've went out and purchased some B&Q Glass Lifters and A Calumet Super Clamp. Both of these will allow me to do some pretty damn cool things.

First thing, and the main reason i got it, is that i can attach it to the side, or top of the car and gently push the car on a long exposure to get some cool movement detail shots.

But it also allows me to attach the camera to smooth walls, glass, metalwork etc for some cool shots (using the live view and laptop comes in handy here). It also means i can attach flash kit to some strange places too as this kit will easily hold either the camera or some lighting kit such as a flash and softbox, or umbrella kit.

Interesting times ahead.

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Cosmic Orange said...

Looking forward to seeing those shots!