Tuesday, 15 June 2010


It seemed to take an absolute age to arrive with the wonders of the Royal Mail First Class system, but finally, and just in time i hasten to add, my new Colourscape Stormy Blue background has arrived.

This will be the background if indoor shots are required, depending on the weather, at West Calder HS's Prom on Thursday which i have the delight in photographing this year.

I'd considered white or black but felt the traditional school cloudy blue would be better, with white lacking any feel, and needing a ton of more kit, and black being too akward with black suit jackets etc.

It needed testing to i popped over to see Alex Todd and we set it up in the garden, along with the flash head and brolly and fired off a few shots. I'm really pleased with how they look, there isnt a great deal of ambient light in these (certainly not any more than will be with a tungsten light on close to the shot) so i think they work really well.

Little bit of Post Processing on the full length shot as the background still needs an Iron but other than that, looks good to go.


Alex said...

I love the hand on the hip look lol

Cosmic Orange said...

Good choice Tom, I got one of these and started by deciding I wasn't going for the traditional blue clouds, but your'e right, black or white dosn't work due to the clothing being unpredictable, so yuo always end up back at od favorite!