Thursday, 5 August 2010

Linsey and Neil

Last weekend saw me doing one of my favourite jobs for a while, when i was asked to shoot some images at the wedding party held by Linsey and Neil.

The happy couple got married a few weeks back in New York where their close family and friends formed a group of around 16 people at the wedding, but all the rest of the family and friends wanted to celebrate too so they had a wee shindig at Orroco Pier in South Queensferry and asked me along to shoot some images.

Not only did i do some lovely wedding(y) shots, which was helped by the happy couple wearing the same outfits they got married in New York wearing, but also i was asked to shoot a number of images of their party guests as a momento of the evening.

It was a great night, and stunning location and lovely couple.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Humphrey.

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Cosmic Orange said...

Lovely balance of light in the top shot.