Sunday, 8 August 2010


Today has been quite a different but fun day, i was asked to help out Adam Matheson for a few hours shooting a restored 1968 Mini Cooper.

We travelled to the sunny heights of Bo-ness to get some interesting picket fencing for the backdrop, before moving onto a site we'd found whilst having a quick squint about which included the awesome 1968 tow truck.

The very Lovely Miriam was there to help out, kicked out in 1960's disco chick outfit which worked really well.

As sometimes happens at these things we drew a little attention, including from the driver of a very cool car who paused and Mark, the mini owner, had a quick chat with him and persuaded him to let us photograph his car too, a much more modern Ariel Atom which can be seen in the shot below.

Many thanks to Miriam for being so much fun, to Mark and Steven for the loan of their cars as models and to Adam for the invite along.


Alex said...

Not so bad choosing Bo'ness since they're still stuck in the 60's down there lol.

Great shots !!

db-images said...

Lovely shot, Tom. Great balance with the ambient.