Sunday, 11 March 2012

Livingston Group Shoot

Been way way too long since the last time i did any model shoots and so i was both happy and sad when asked to this one, as i only had my thyroid op 10 days ago.

I am so glad i went though not only for the fact that i got to chat with Bruce, Adam, Duncan and the guys :)

I got to work with Carly, Amanda and Nicki which was outstanding and i totally love the shots i managed to get.

The main one here is Amanda and the geekeh shots are of Carly and then the others are of Nicki,

Cant wait to do more work with them.

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db-images said...

Excellent work, as ever, T. Love the high key work on Nickie. I hope these pages are going to begin to get well re-stocked again, mate :-)