Monday, 12 November 2007

A Different Christmas Present!

Looking for a "different" Christmas Present for your partner? Why not give them a photographic print of You, that's a little different.

By the magic of photography and the clever use of camera angles we can produce some lovely shots which are faux-nude, like the picture of Fiona which is next to this post.

By wearing a strapless bikini, or trunks for the guys, and taking the photograph from a low angle and with strategic positioning of hands, feet and legs it gives a lovely image which could be given as a gift to a partner.

For the lowly price of £30 we can visit you at your home, set up take the images for around 30 minutes to an hour. We will then supply you via email with a selection of the images from the day for you to choose from, we will then arrange for a 12"x8" print and have that sent directly to you.

Further prints and different sizes are available on request. please email me at for more information or to book your date and timeslot.

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