Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Dungeons

Well this afternoon was one of the most fun i've had in years as myself and Bruce were lucky enough to get to help out Aimee with her college project as she had to complete some work in the gore / horror genre and we've got some fantastic images.

The main image here is one taken as part of a promo for Edinburgh Dungeons, the location for todays shoot, in support of Scotlands game against Italy as "The Judge" is hammering nails into some Italy Players, namely Gattuso and and Toni. A special promotion at the dungeons acts as a Voodoo Doll and allows you to put a nail into them.

I've only included one picture from Aimees make-up, mainly as they are all a bit gory. but you can see from the picture of Amanda that they effects are pretty damn realistic.

(Please note nobody was hurt during this photoshoot, all the blood and gore is fake and Amanda is perfectly well)

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