Saturday, 12 April 2008

Macro Fun Coming Soon

Ok so Sian and I are looking at doing some really cool images over the next few weeks and months.

The main idea is to do very macro close up images of make-up in a colour theme, e.g. Close ups of Eye's with a Red, Green, Blue theme etc.

I'm still not sure on macro photography and especially when it comes to doing this style of work with a model :(

I've been noseying and at the moment my 2 options (as i'm not 100% sure on Macro is to either -

1. Buy a Macro Close up lens that screws onto the filter thread of my lens, costs around £10 and is a +10 Lens. this would be a very cheap option and i'm just a touch wary on it.

2. Rent a 100mm f2.8 lens from Lenses for Hire which works out at around £35 for a week and would be an ideal option for this.

Any suggestions?

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