Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Whole Bunch of Holly

Well looking through my "shoots from 2007" folder i came accross absolutely Trillions of shot of the stunningly gorgeous Holly Egan.

I've decided that trying to put up one post for each time i've worked with Holly would be an unenviable task and would take me the better part of a nightshift to get through all the images, and come up with some blurb to go along with them.

You can see a selection of images in this post all taken at the Temporary Studio in West Calder. My personal Favourites are the bikini shot at the start of this post and the Hundreds and Thousands post below. I have a whole load of images of Holly that have been skipped over on the first trawl after the shoot and i really need to find the time to go back over all these shots and see if there are any more hidden gems amongst them.

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