Saturday, 12 April 2008

Portfolio Part 1

I've decided to add a category into my blog called "PORTFOLIO" in which i'll add the images i have in my printed portfolio.

Firstly apologies to any model i've worked with who's image does not appear in my Portfolio! I'm looking for some specific styles of images for my portfolio and i couln't have every image i take in it either.

This series will explain a bit about the image, the model, the location and reasoning behind the shots.

Part 1 - natural headshot (kinda)

This image of Holly Egan, with make-up by Aimee Lowe, was taken in the bent Brae studios in Lanark.

Holly is a fantastic model, and friend, and Aimee is someone i would call a close friend and is amazing at what she does.

Holly had specifically asked on this shoot to do a "natural headshot" for her portfolio! Aimee did a very minimal nude make-up and Holly's hair was simply brushed through and wearing a Boob Tube (to get the shoulders bare) and Jeans we set about taking this shot.

Using a couple of lights to white out the background and a large softbox to my right to light Holly, we went about taking a few images with different hair positions and facial expressions.

Looking through the images afterward i loved the look of this one, Holly's eyes seen to shine right at me. The biggest problem i had was that her skin wasn't perfect and the light had caused some shadow over some pores making it a very bumpy looking skin.

I decided that some editting should take place and i procedeed to soften and smoothen Holly's skin and then applied a gentle opacity cross processing across the image to boost the eyes and again help clean up the skin.

This image is now the first I post on a website when i register and takes pride of place at the front of my portfolio.

More Portfolio posts to come ...

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