Sunday, 13 April 2008

Portfolio Part 2

Second to be added to my Portfolio category is this shot of Jill Mulreany.

Jill was only my second ever model photoshoot and between Nicola Paterson and Jill they were the reason i decided that model photography was for me.

This shoot was also the first time I met Sian also. This shoot took place in our temporary studio in the Nitespot in Livingston and the idea was todo a range of various fashion inspired headshots.

With make-up magic coming from Sian we were always onto a winner and when Alex produced a bubble gun we roped Sian into doing some prop duties too.

The shot was taken with a Black cloth background a large softbox to my right and Sian standing on a chair to the Jill's left using a bubble gun Alex had found in a pound shop.

This was my favourite shot from the shoot and still is up there with my favourite shots of all time.

In my opinion the shot goes from ordinary to spectacular due to the skill in posing and expression tha comes with working with Jill.

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