Monday, 27 October 2008

Booking Time

Was it a silly thing to volunteer to do? well maybe but it was fun too.

I've been busy working away on the UKPM.mag issue 1, a book style magazine for highlighting the work done by it's members.

The book is a 7"x7" softcover book and costs £15 plus postage.

it Features -

Photographers -Ian McInnes Adam Matheson Rob Scott Keith Morrel Gordon McManus Tom Thomson Ben McNeill Michael James John Gray les Johnstone Bruce McGuiness Howard Kennedy David McAleavy Simon Pole Chris Bain Sarah Javin Fisher Hugh McCusker Monkeytwizzle Redwall David Kane Kevin Wylie Alan Cox

Models -Anna Walsh Abbie Montrose Sarah Abigail mason Yvonne McKay Kirsty Charlie McInally Billie Lister Daiquii Dusk Chelsea Darling Sou Desade Rebecca Keeney Zoe James Pamela Donald Erosanne Joceline Kate Taylor Rebecca Norton Sarah Javin Fisher Dave Murchie Georgie Xtina Kirsten Lesley Jade Gilmore Skin Janine Ballantyne Deviant Discordia Hollyred Malissa Smokey Holly Egan Lisa Miss Dixy R Devine Lelly Caroline Thomson Hazel Pool Sarah jane Maz

MUA's -Jak Morgan Tracy Kane Sian Lidgate Yvonne Lynch Michelle Booth

Issue 1

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