Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sparkling Fun

My 3rd part of my Applied Techniques is Chronocyclography (light painting). The other 2 being Macro and Underwater.

These were taken this evening with some cheap sparklers and the use of my kids, and my neighbours kids to do patterns.

The one to the top and first in the list below are likely the ones i'll use. The top one below is actually me drawing a face :)

Unfortuanately shot at iso 1600, which was a real WHOOPS moment, but Adobe Photoshops Noise Reduction has hopefully helped it out.

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db-images said...

Excellent, Tom. But stick to photography, mate; your rendition of a face is poor by my 2 year old grandsons standards :) On the subject, we could have some fun with light shaping/painting at the db-images studio very soon; it's black as pitch up there of a cloudy autumn evening!