Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A Weekend Away - Saturday

Saturday was a fantastic trip out, with our journey being Greenock to Gourock, then ferry to Dunoon, a trip round the Cowal Peninsula passing Loch Eck, Loch Fyne to Colintriave, then ferry to Bute, a trip around Bute then a ferry Back from Rothesay to Wemyss Bay then back up to Greenock.

An amazing day of awesome scenery and great company with Bruce and Scott being on top form the entire trip.

This first image features the Holy Loch in the distance and was shot from the side around Sandbanks, at least that's where i think it is.

This was also where Bruce had an incident with some Horse Crap and ended up around 6 inches sunk into it.

Another from the Holy Loch, at the same location as the first image, this time just of this little knot in the tree.

From the edge of the Holy Loch, looking north, not sure what the mountains/hills are, if anyone knows please give me a shout.

Loch Ridden and Loch Ruel taken from the roadside, i'm sure it was around here that Scott first said how much he didn't know that this type of scenery was so close to us.

The North end of Arran from Scalpsie Beach on Bute, unfortuanately not the best lighting here, a sunrise would be much better for the light here.

Looking back to Bute from the Beach at Scalpsie, i just liked the view and the moon was out which always helps.

Last shot of the day, this was taken from the back of the MV Bute ferry as we travelled from Bute to Wemyss Bay and i believe that it is Bute in the distance.

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