Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Balloon Dance

Huge thanks to Joanne for agreeing to come along and do some photographs.

Joanne is normally the other side of the camera but said yes to my request to doing some shots. Scott came along too to help fluff the balloons :)

I had hoped to do some bubbles too but the bubbles i bought were rubbish so i need to work on that and get maybe a bubble gun or a bigger thing for doing them.

The weather wasn't as good as we'd hoped so i couldn't get Joanne to run about mad like i had hoped but i'm still really happy with the results, Hopefully Joanne will be too and we might do more in the future.


Cosmic Orange said...

Looks like a fun Shoot!

db-images said...

I like balloons. I like bubbles, too, but I like balloons much more.