Sunday, 12 July 2009


I needed to go and relax for a wee while so nipped off down to Almondell with Scott for a wander and to see if we could do the bridge and waterfall shots that we wanted to do again.

We've tried a few times recently but kept being stopped as there were folk fishing there right int he way.

I've done a few shots on the 5x4 in black and white film also which i will get processed soon, they were taken with the 2 stop filter whereas these digital ones used the 10 stop filter.

Red filters used on both digital and film shots.

These will become part of a project that Scott and I are working on.

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Simon said...

This is a wonderful scene to photograph and also a god awful place to photograph because of the exposure needed for the water and the sky spoiling the party, job well dome here though, I must get one of those 10 stop filters toy talked about earlier, shame you cannot get a 10 stop grad though, wishful thinking :D