Monday, 14 September 2009

Any Excuse for a Beer

Not updated anything onto here for a while as to be honest i've not really done much for a while lol

Back at college now though, this time at Stevenson for the HND and these shots of Alex are for a photojournalism assignment.

I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out, even if they aren't what i had in my head when i went out to do them lol

College is cool, really quite enjoying back back doing something again, and hopefully much more stuff on here.

For those interested all shots done with long exposures (1sec - 15sec) and with flash with 1/4cto gel through brolly from camera left to freeze Alex.


Simon said...

While PJ isn't really my thing, this long exposure FX thing with flash etc, is right up my street, nice job, results are pretty cool!

Ian said...

I really like the one where you see the ghosted images of the other drinkers. Nice concept since it's about the opening hours etc :)