Sunday, 20 September 2009

Super Jen

After what must be around a year of trying to organise a shoot Jen and I finally managed to get a date and time that worked out.

I picked Jen up from the hotel and we nipped up to the brickworks (seems to be my favourite place :) )

Really happy with these images and Jen was a real star to work with and i'd really like to work with her again.

Still working on some more edits but decided to add some in here :)


Cosmic Orange said...

Top quality shots Tom, you are a master of the off camera flash! I think the first and third are my favs

Tom Thomson said...

thanks Les, not sure about being a master anything lol but i'm definately enjoying it a lot. :)

Bruce said...

Love the first one Tom.

Ian said...

Yeah really like these Tom. Fancy sharing some lighting info from the first one? Looks like natural light so if you've used flash it's very well done!
Ian :)

Tom Thomson said...

Thanks Ian :)

The first shot is a mix of flash and ambient (the sun shining is great isn't it :) )

Lighting -

Flash 1 - Bare flash on stand from camera left

Flash 2 - Bare flash on ground to add fill to legs etc on camera right.

Sunlight - Camera right