Saturday, 5 December 2009

Half Cocked

One of my half-cocked hairbrained ideas for college, this time we had to do a fake IRN-BRU advert so i went for this crazy idea.

The Cock(erel) I sourced through an Edinburgh based taxidermist.

It was quite a strange thing photographing a dead, stuffed animal but I really like the final shot.

Some photoshopping on this though, using Photomatix Pro to HDR the image with normal exposure, -2 and +2 exposures with detail enhancing instead of tone mapping. I then used Silver FX to convert to B&W.


Ian said...

brilliant. This fits in perfectly, it could totally just be a legit irn bru ad. Nice B&W too! Oh and a nice cock ofc!

Tom Thomson said...

thanks Ian, will need to show you the software i use for the B&W it's awesome :)

Livingston FC said...

You can't tell your cock is dead !!