Sunday, 6 December 2009

Healthy Eating Ad

Yet more advertising shots for college, this time for our self set studio based advertising shot. My idea was to do a shot that could be used to advertise a Healthy Eating Helpline.

The gorgeous model is the very lovely Nicole Findlay whom i've worked with a good number of times in the past.

Lighting Info - 2 Elinchrome packs lighting the background with standard reflectors, black flags at either side adding definition and removing flare. An Elinchrome pack with beauty dish provides the frontal light from the front but high, with a white card reflector on the table in front of Nicole adding fill to the shadow areas.

Camera is a Mamiya RZ67 with a Leaf digital back.


Cosmic Orange said...

Nice to see an update in the blog Tom, hope the college work is going well. Great shots and a lovely model as yuo say - I'd buy whatever she is selling!

Tom Thomson said...

Cheers Les, yeah college is going well, as always get some good things to do and some not so good things but that's the joys.