Sunday, 21 February 2010

More Amy Edits

Yet again the same lighting set up as last night with Sun from behind model, flashgun in open softbox camera right (no diffusion, just using the silver reflection in softbox to reflect sunlight as well as enhance flash) with FULL CTO gel on flash to give Amy a warm look.

Like the shot below (the re-edit from yesterdays post) it has a slightly different White Balance to give it a better look without making Amy look like she's got a really bad fake spray on tan.

I'm not sure if i prefer this one without the jacket to the shot below with the jacket, but it's nice to have different looking options to see.

I really do like the overall look though so will likely be using it again in the future when doing some shoots.

This one is a re-edit of the shot from my shoot with Amy, i felt with the white balance being fully Flash (5500) it meant Amy's skin was a bit too spray on tan looking.

This one is now at around 4300K which makes the sky pop a little more and although still gives Amy a nice glow doesn't mean she's quite as bad fake tan as the previous edit.

Some other shots from the shoot shown below, pretty much all the same lighting set up, being flash through a softbox from on camera left, just a little moving around of the flash closer to me or further away to get more light on Amy's face.

Once again any comments welcomed :)

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