Saturday, 20 February 2010

Amy Helps Out

I knew Alex was getting his new lens (Nikon 24-70) and wanted to try out some model shots, this also gave me the opportunity to try some mad cap things that have been bouncing around in my head for a wee while.

I've worked with Amy before and loved her look, she was a brunette before but still looks equally as stunning as a blonde.

We tried a few different looks and lighting techniques, i've got a few more still to edit but for the minute here's a couple to see.

This first shot was a very simple set up, with only a softbox just off to camera left, this gives a really nice soft even lighting and i'm really happy with it.

I did try using my famous lightbulb again but it was a major fail on this occasion, although i will continue to try.

For this second shot I decided to try something a little bit different for this shot and the Lighting was - Sun from behind model, flashgun in open softbox camera right (no diffusion, just using the silver reflection in softbox to reflect sunlight as well as enhance flash) with FULL CTO gel on flash to give Amy a warm look.

I really like the look of this but i'm more than happy to hear peoples comments also, whether good or bad.

Still got a good few images to go through from this shoot so will get through them and get them loaded up as soon as i can, in the meantime i hope you like the images here.


Cosmic Orange said...

I really like the second image, very dramatic lighting, but works well. The warm tone from the flash reminds the viewer that the model is in nice warm sunlight. Good idea usin the softbox as a reflector as well. The first image works well although not as dramatic. I usually think having the hard knuckles like this against the soft face dosn't work so well I'd prefer to rotate the hands slightly out so we see more of a side on view of them.

Tom Thomson said...

thanks les, i agree about the knuckles, ... omething to think about in future...

the other one is a little too orange for me still so i'mgoing to push the wb a little further back will give me more blue inthe sky also