Monday, 8 March 2010

Moving Pictures

I was lucky enough to be asked along to assist Scott Walker again today on one of his shoots for college.

The shot to the side is Scott's first draft edit and i really like it, and thanks to him for letting me post it, he doesn't update his blog as much as he really should :)

I got a new camera at the weekend and went for a Canon 500D, which also does HD video so todays shoot gave me the opportunity to try out some HD video.

This short snap shows Scotts model Emma, along with me hovering in the background and Scotts dulcit tones :)

The quality of this one (shot at 720p) is really cool and i think i might need to do a bit more of this video stuff.


Ian said...

looks like a nice pic. And the vid quality is excellent :) Altho there's a dodgy bloke in the background waving something around!!

Tom Thomson said...

yeah, the pic is what scott was looking for, and i'm really happy with the video quality. the vids the 720p version as although the cam does 1080p it only does it at 20fps which is a bit juddery :(

lol at waving something in the background :)