Thursday, 27 May 2010

Alexa Superstar

Today has been a good day, as i had the pleasure of a photoshoot in the studio with the stunningly gorgeous Alexa Campbell.

Alexa has recently been signed by Colours (the Look Agency) and i can really see big things for her in the future.

These shots have been taken for my Studio fashion assignment for college, and were all lit in the same way, using a HUGE softbox mounted on a beam from camera left.

Unusally i used my Canon for these in the studio instead of using the medium format digital kit as i wanted more movement around the studio and didn't want to be restricted by cables and tripods. Also used my RF-602 radio triggers to fire the Elinchrom power packs which was pretty cool too.

Would most definately love to work with Alexa again and would highly recommend her.

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Cosmic Orange said...

like the funky editorial poses!