Tuesday, 1 June 2010

From the House of Bruce

I needed a further location shoot for my fashion work for college so managed to blag my way into the middle of a shoot that my mate Bruce McGuiness had organised with the wonderful Erica Von Stein.

Erica is always up for shoots that are a little bit weird and a little bit crazy, with my ever lasting memory of her being a Jaffa Cake eating shot she did with Adam :)

So Scott and I travelled the width of the country to Bruce's in Greenock, picking up Erica and Suzie and Dean en route, and used Bruce's batchelor pad for the shoot.

Really like the quirky look to these shots, all of them have been de-saturated for effect.


Cosmic Orange said...

Very classy and stylish looking, suprised Erica managed to be serious for them!

Tom Thomson said...

lol it was difficult - you should see the 3789 outtakes :)