Friday, 21 May 2010

Portrait of a Future Star

As per my last post, i've been having a bit of a nightmare recently with things not going right, from models getting wires crossed and not turning up to shutters being broken, to people just simply letting me down.

Well my big mate David Alexander came to the resuce once again today as he persuaded the lovely Leah to come along for some shots.

Leah was accompanied by her mum and they are both a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull world, they were full of laughter and fun and giggles and i really do hope to spend more time photographing members of this wonderful family.

For the techs who read here, these were all taken at f2.8 by means of using an ND4 filter (seems to be my favourite thing at the moment) and are a mix of ambient stunning sunshine and a single flash fired through a softbox.

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