Thursday, 20 May 2010


Thursday was a a bit of a disaster in some ways, and pretty great in others.

The original plan was to take this car, beloging to Steven Carrie, into the college studio for studio based car shots, but early this week we discovered that the shutters were broken and those plans were shelved.

After a short stint of looking for a model instead a last minute plan was hatched to simply do some location shots with the car, so off we trotted, with David as assistant, and set these up.

I would have liked a better seperation from the background but some kit issues and by the looks of things the power of the flash not being as high as it could have, has meant it didn't work out as planned.

The main image here is actually a HDR, but very subtely as i combined a couple of shots to get the look i wanted.

hopefully many more car shots to come in the future.

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