Monday, 7 February 2011

Sam Helps with Comeback

It's been a real while since i last done any shooting, going back to around October 2010 since i last had my own viewfinder at my eye, even if i did help Ian Monk out for a week with a job he had on.

Sam had been pestering me for a couple of weeks about getting back out shooting and i was pretty desperate to get back out there too.

The weather was really against us with a few of the days we picked being some of the worst in history, including the day we eventually shot. We were pretty much rained off (and it was freezing) after about an hour, but I'm really happy with the shots i got.

All taken with the 50mm f1.8 at around f2.8 and using an off camera ringflash for the lighting.


db-images said...

Nice work, Tom. And good to see you back shooting :-))

Ian said...

Liking the negative space on that first one Tom :)