Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Carol Re-inspires me

It's been way too long since i updated this blog, but then it's also been way too long since i last done any really shooting, other than the occasional portrait of the kids etc.

I have done a couple of model shoots, this one and another i will blog about later today.

I'd made arrangements to shoot with this model, Carol, and as usual the weather had been fine until it came to the actual day of the shoot, which was back in early April, which was teaming it down with rain. So a quick call later i had the use of Duncans studio to play about in.

We went for a pretty straight forward lighting set with the lighting all being via a stand mounted Canon Speedlite fired through a cheap chinese ringflash. i really like the look though and i'm pretty happy with the outcome.

It's always better to go into a shoot planned and the clothing we'd planned for an outdoor shoot i'm not sure works 100% in these but Carol is a real trooper and i'm keen to do more work with her.

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